The Good Deeds Project

What is Good deed all about?

Closer was designed with one simple aim, to help people express themselves better. To give people a chance, an opportunity so say things otherwise wouldn’t.

Historically People have confessed feelings with gifts, be it chocolates or flowers. However could there every be a more precious gift than becoming the reason for somebody’s happiness? Hence whenever you confess your feelings on Closer, you sponsor a meal in the name of your Crush for someone who would have otherwise gone hungry. So while you find love, you are also the reason for someone’s life. The same is displayed to your crush, making the proposal much more romantic and making You a SuperHero at the same time.

How it works?

Every night at 12 am, all the contributions that have been made on the Closer App are directly transferred to our Social welfare partner Feeding India, into their bank account. An initiative by Zomato, with over 20000+ volunteers and in 85+ cities, Feeding India is the primary player trying to eradicate hunger in India. More info about them can be found on

At Closer we are just trying to do our bit to help the crisis around us. With your love and support, we’ll definitely make a dent against Hunger, one meal at a time. 😄

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